Mediation helps parties avoid burdensome legal costs, keep matters confidential and experience more success because everyone contributes to the decisions and how to move forward.

Divorce & Custody Mediation allows married couples and unmarried partners end their current relationship with dignity and efficiency. It allows co-parents to focus on the best interest of the children, maintain control of planning their own lives and make decisions about their future.


Elder Decision Mediation helps families create an agreed upon structured plan so family members understand their roles and responsibilities in caring for an aging parent. Our Mediator creates a safe environment for family members to share their opinions and make choices while exploring creative solutions for the family’s needs. During the mediation session, the elder’s voice can be heard, whenever possible. Elder Decision Mediation sessions can be held as needs arise or in anticipation of future needs.


Employment Mediation allows businesses and organizations to resolve workplace conflicts through respectful communications and cost-effective processes. Our Mediator can facilitate discussions between Managers and Employees, Co-Workers, Board Members with difficult decision situations, interpersonal workplace conflicts, employee and EEOC claims.

Phase 1

Consultation by phone or in person with Mediator

Phase 2


guided meeting(s)

with parties to

resolve conflict and come

to agreement 

Phase 3

Mediator Drafts Mediated Settlement



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** No retainer required